Project results

The four main General objectives of this project are

literature analysis

The project will carry out a Literature analysis taking into account: 1. impact skills taxonomy (Skills Framework); 2. most frequently used methods and techniques for business impact assessment.


IMPACT ACADEMY has the main objective to offer a free, multilingual, high level education and training on the subject of the Impact Economy. It is addressed to university students who desire to acquire expertise about the impact skills needed to lead an entrepreneurship aware of its environmental and social responsibilities.


he SDG Impact Assessment Tool will be a free, online resource for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, companies, entrepreneurs to self-assess the extent to which their project entrepreneurship idea creates a positive impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)..

The Project

The current economic system is largely geared towards increasing economic growth at the expense of increasing social inequality and environmental degradation. Yet companies can have a positive impact on sustainable development goals. The role of Education is to facilitate these paradigm shifts, e.g. to support young people and students to acquire new skills, in our case Skills about the Impact economy. Indeed the impact economy model is well-positioned to find an appropriate balance across all three pillars: economic, social and environmental.


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The crises of the last decades, and the challenge posed by the global climate change, made the business managers aware that the only way to prevent profit from being something ephemeral is to coordinate economical, social and environmental dimensions in a single long term corporate mission.