IMPACT ACADEMY Project has the clear goal to create a Tool to assess how well an entrepreneurial idea meets the SDGs 2030.

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool will be a free, online resource for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, companies, entrepreneurs to self-assess the extent to which their project entrepreneurship idea creates a positive impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The tool will be open for anyone to use and can help entrepreneurs to identify relevant sustainability perspectives of their work in a simple and structured approach.

This tool assesses a project idea ’s impact on each of the 17 SDGs as either direct positive, indirect positive, no impact, indirect negative, direct negative, or more knowledge needed. The tool encourages reflection and collaborative learning of the SDGs and the links between them.

The SDG Impact Assessment Tool helps users to evaluate how the ideas, projects , activities, impacts onto the SDGs.

The objective of this WP is perfectly connected with the general and specific objective of the project since it is a practical instrument to promote the impact evaluation.