IMPACT ACADEMY has the main objective to offer a free, multilingual, high level education and training on the subject of the Impact Economy. It is addressed to university students who desire to acquire expertise about the impact skills needed to lead an entrepreneurship aware of its environmental and social responsibilities.

The Course will be structured in lessons, each of which will explore a special topic connected to the Impact Economy. On the same webpage, the user-student will find the original material edited by the project-consortium and a collection of the main open-sources material on the web.

The original material will include a detailed lesson paper, a glossary, unedited tools and original interviews to experts in the field.

Among others, the topics investigated will include the following:

-An analysis of the sector of Impact Economy: an overview of the purpose-driven corporations, their resilience to crises and their positive impact on a multidimensional level.

-Impact Economy and profitability: from the environment/profit trade-off to the three pillars strategy.

-Impact Economy Governance: EU legislation, Green Deal and National Recovery and Resilience Plans. Opportunities to seize.

-Impact Investing and Impact Finance Management: what it is, how it works, how entrepreneurs can use it.

-The Sustainable Development Goals and impact skills: what entrepreneurs can do to contribute in the meeting of the SDGs.

-How to measure what really matters. A guide to the main GPD alternative indexes and how to use it in your company’s activity.

- The Integrated Report: how to review Social, Environmental and Profit achievements in one coherent report.

WP3 is aligned with the general objectives of the project and of Erasmus+ Programme, as this WP will be the core result where all other deliverables are presented.