IMPACT ACADEMY Project Launch of Open Education Resource Platform

The IMPACT ACADEMY Erasmus + Cooperation Partnership Project launch the online Open Education Resource Platform. IMPACT ACADEMY Platform is the main showcase of project’s results and its largest and most tangible channel for international visibility, and is available in 6 languages (EN, ES, IT, FR, MK, TR) with all of its content completely available for free, without requiring any kind of registration/identification by the user. Project website is now online at 

The current economic system is largely geared towards increasing economic growth at the expense of increasing social inequality and environmental degradation. Yet companies can have a positive impact on sustainable development goals. The role of Education is to facilitate these paradigm shifts, e.g. to support young people and students to acquire new skills, in our case Skills about the Impact economy. Indeed, the impact economy model is well-positioned to find an appropriate balance across all three pillars: economic, social and environmental.

The two main General objectives of Impact Academy project are:
• Building a Culture of Social Impact and Sustainability in Entrepreneurship education integrating research, experimentation, scientific knowledge into a unique and distinctive offer
• Promoting the creation of a new generation of agents who are builders of a new, sustainable, fair and open world.

The project officially kick-started on December 14th, 2023, with the first online transnational meeting during which partners had a great opportunity to discuss the overall project implementation schedule, define timelines and respective duties in the following months. One of the very first activities was the development, testing and implementation of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Platform.

For the next two years, the Platform will host and integrate all the main achievements 
of the consortium; each section of the IMPACT ACADEMY Platform is a stand-alone library of its corresponding output.

For further information about IMPACT ACADEMY project: