University of Skopje

The University of Skopje is a distinguished institution dedicated to providing high-quality education and encouraging innovation in the field of tourism and management. Founded with a vision to nurture future leaders in these dynamic sectors, the University of Skopje consistently demonstrates excellence in academic programs, research initiatives and industry collaboration.

Institution Profile:
•    Name: Универзитет Скопје
•    Location: Skopje, Macedonia
•    Founded: [2006]
•    Accredited: Recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Board of the Republic of Macedonia

Academic focus:

University of Skopje specializes in offering comprehensive programs in tourism, management, marketing, entrepreneurship and information technology, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills to prepare students for successful careers in various industries. The university is known for its innovative curriculum, experienced staff, and commitment to keep up with the latest trends and advance the fields.

Research and Innovation:

As a center for academic research and innovation, the University of Skopje encourages faculty and students to engage in cutting-edge research projects that contribute to the evolution of tourism and management practices. The University has a strong record of publications, participation in international conferences and collaboration with industry stakeholders.


The University of Skopje places a strong emphasis on internationalization, encouraging global perspectives and cultural diversity among its students and professors. The university actively engages in partnerships with international institutions, providing opportunities for student and staff exchange programs, joint research initiatives and joint academic projects.

Erasmus+ engagement:

The University of Skopje is enthusiastic about participating in Erasmus+ projects, recognizing the importance of the program in promoting international cooperation, mobility, and the exchange of best practices. The University is eager to contribute its expertise and use the Erasmus+ platform to improve the quality of education, promote intercultural understanding and strengthen cooperation within the European Higher Education Area.